We are dedicated to making your dog's stay at "The Old Pastures" comfortable and enjoyable. Capped off with impeccable surroundings and service.







We have 10 luxury kennels including 2 away from main set - perfect for nervous dogs.

With so few kennels it means there is less noise and we can give each dog the individual care that they need. Each kennel is spacious, with a sleep area and a run.

In addition to this we have separate runs outside for each dog.

All dogs are walked twice a day. We can either walk your dog on lead around our own surrounding fields, or off lead in our small fully enclosed paddock, in addition to your dog's walks, they get to go out in to our outside runs several times a day, giving them a change of scenery and more human contact.  

Our kennels are fully heated and we have an up to date CCTV and alarm system.


Extra Care

We know that every dog is an individual and they require differing levels of care, exercise and dietary requirements.

We are able to administer any type of medication, from a special diet or antibiotics to insulin for diabetic dogs.

We provide a complete dried diet, baskets and blankets that you can use, or to make your dog feel more at home you can bring their own.

We offer all new clients a free 2 hour trial for their dogs. This gets your dog used to the kennel environment, before they come in for a longer stay.





Prices and information

We charge £23 per night for one dog and £38 per night for two dogs. Only dogs from the same household can share. Please contact us for a price if you have more than two dogs.

All dogs vaccinations need to be up to date, including kennel cough and proof of vaccinations needs to be provided when booking in.

We also do day boarding. 

You are welcome to come and have a look around the kennels at any time within our opening hours.  We do recommend that you make an appointment though as reception is not manned all the time.

All kennelling and collecting is by appointment only.




In addition to our luxurious kennels we also have an on site grooming salon, not only for the dogs in our kennels, but for any dog.

We can give your dog a full groom, which includes clipping, scissoring, a bath and dry, nails, anal glands and ears. The prices for a full groom range from £26 to £48 depending on the breed of your dog.

We also offer just a bath and dry. The prices for this range from £10 to £24 depending on the size and hair length of your dog.

We only have one groomer, so we are able to groom in a calm environment, without the stress of other dogs. We can also take your dog out for toilet breaks.

We offer 20% off for first time clients.

We offer 20% off for clients with dogs staying 3 or more consecutive nights


Pet sitting


Mrs Doolittles is our pet sitting business, we can come to your house and walk your dog, feed your cat, clean out your rabbits or guinea pigs etc.

Small animal boarding - We can also look after your small animals here at The Old Pastures, from rabbits, Guinea pigs, budgies and hamsters etc. We also offer day boarding within the kennels, please enquire about times and prices.

Mrs Doolittles is fully insured through the National Association of Registered Pet Sitters (NARP).

Please contact us for more information and prices for Mrs Doolittles or our small animal boarding.