Happy Customers

Billy stays here all the time and he absolutely loves it! He's such a fussy dog and wants a lot of attention; he definitely gets this at the Old Pastures! He greets the staff as his friends and his tail doesn't stop wagging!

- Louisa Alice-Rose Haggerty

Really impressed with the staff at Old Pastures, the accommodation is really spacious with great exercise facilities and the dogs come home relaxed and happy after their "holiday". I have a blind dog and worry about her settling but the staff are so understanding and provide me with updates - she's always fine but its really nice to get that reassurance. I would definitely recommend them.

- Sally McDonald

Hey, Thank you for trimming Spencer our little rescue bichon. He can get very nervous especially when he has anyone go near his legs. After being kept in a cage for the first year of his life he has very bad joints and arthritis which he developed when he was a pup.
You always remember his needs and have lots of patience. He's trusted you from the first meeting.
He's looking very smart. Thank you.

- Adolpha Jemma Phillips-Jones