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Terms and conditions

The signature of the client on the booking form constitutes full acceptance of these terms and conditions. I Beverley Cornthwaite owner of The Old Pastures Boarding Kennels can only alter these terms and conditions.

You are invited to look around the kennels before committing to any agreement. When booking a place, we ask for a booking and animal information form to be filled in. Please make sure that as much information is given to us about your dog(s) as possible e.g. temperament etc., please also check each time you come in that all information is still correct.
On booking we will require a deposit which will be 25% of your total stay, which is to be paid at time of booking to confirm the booking. We do not hold any bookings that has not been confirmed with a deposit.
This deposit is non-refundable if the booking is cancelled 6 weeks or less before start date. Up to 8-6 weeks before the start date your deposit can be moved to another booking, 8 weeks before the start date or more your deposit is refundable.
You will also be liable to pay the full amount of the stay if you cancel within 5 days of your start date if your stay is more than 3 nights.  

 The Old Pastures Boarding Kennels reserve the right to cancel your booking if no deposit is paid.

Our prices are per day and start on the day you drop your dog off at the kennels regardless of the time you drop them to the day you pick them up, if you pick up by 10am in the morning you will not be charged for that day.  
All payments will need to be paid in full when the client picks up their dog at the end of their stay in the kennels. If you want to pay by bank transfer then the full amount will need to reach us before you pick up your dog. Any extra nights or expenses incurred for the well being of that animal whilst staying will be added and met by the client in full, and receipts will be presented. The Old pastures boarding kennels reserve the right to hold the dog(s) until the full amount has been paid. The Old pastures also reserve the right to charge for every extra day that the dog is held until the full payment is met.

 If you pick up your dog earlier than the date you have booked in too or you bring your dog in day(s) later than you have booked you will still be charged for those days, and charged for a full day that you picked up on even if it was before 10am. We will also charge a full day on the last day of your booking even if it says pick up before 10am, unless you give us 5 days prior notice of any changes.

Additional charges – Christmas day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and Easter Sunday are all charged at an additional £7 per day.

We have two kennels, away from the main block, that are ideal for dogs with special requirements, these kennels can be requested but they cannot be reserved. If your dog is in there we hold the right to move them in to the main kennels if a dog comes in whose need to be in there is greater. 

The dogs placed in The Old Pastures care will be looked after to the best of mine, or any of my employee’s ability & experience. If the need for veterinary attention arises we use our own vet who will come out to the dog, If the dog needs to be hospitalised the veterinary surgery we use is Harding & Ng in Leighton buzzard and that is where the dog’s treatment will be carried out until the owner returns or the dog is well enough to come back to the kennels. If the veterinary surgeon advises that the dog can return to our kennels but need to be kept away from other dogs we will house them in our isolation unit until the owner returns or the veterinary surgeon gives the dog a clean bill of health and the dog can return to the main kennels. On the booking form, we ask for your vets to be given, then if our vets need to contact your own vets they can do so. The client on their return will meet all expenses incurred for their dog(s)

The Old Pastures does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to items left by the client.

No dog will go off our site unless it is to go to the vets. The Old Pastures will not let the dog go home with anyone apart from the client, if you need someone else to pick up the dog please let us know when kennelling the dog, or ring us on the day that the dog is being picked up. The Old pastures reserves the right to refuse anyone picking up your dog that we have not been informed about.

 A complete dried food will be provided, if the dog is on meat or a special diet the client needs to provide this. The client needs to provide enough food to cover the dogs stay, if we run out we will purchase the same or equivalent and the client on their return will meet all expenses incurred for your dog.

All dogs will be walked twice a day on the lead. If you would like your dog to be walked off the lead you must state this on the animal information form and sign and date the booking form. The Old pastures kennels holds no responsibility if the dog runs off. The old pastures also reserve the right to only walk the dog on the lead even if the client has stated that they want the dog walked off the lead if we feel the dog will not come back to us off the lead.  We also require all clients to view our exercise paddock, where we let dogs off the lead to play. If the client feel’s that their dog could jump the fence or escape in any way they need to inform us and put it in writing on the booking form. We hold no responsibility if your dog does jump out of the pen.

All dogs need to be fully vaccinated and vaccination certificate’s up to date and a copy presented on the first day of their stay in the kennels. The Old pastures reserve the right to refuse any dog that is not fully vaccinated or the client cannot produce evidence that the dog is fully vaccinated, unless a letter from your vets states the dog cannot be vaccinated due to health issues but is well enough to be kennelled.
If this is the case, we hold no responsibility for your dog becoming ill whilst in our care. We strongly recommend that all dogs are given the kennel cough vaccine and that they have been treated for fleas and worms before they come in to the kennels. Although we will not refuse your dog if they do not have the kennel cough vaccine or have not been treated for fleas or worms we hold no responsibility if your dog contracts kennel cough fleas or worms whilst staying. However The Old pastures reserve the right to refuse any dog their stay if showing any signs of ill health on the day they come in. and if your dog is found to have fleas whilst staying with us we will wash your dog in a basic flea shampoo and you will be charged for this service on your return.

Any damage or injury requiring medical treatment that is inflicted by your dog to any member of the Old Pastures boarding kennels staff whilst carrying out a contractual agreement is to be compensated by the client. 

Any damage or injury requiring medical treatment that is inflicted by your dog to another dog staying if it is not stated on the booking form that your dog is not good with other dogs or you do not want your dog exercised with other dogs is to be compensated by the client.